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Thanks to our experience we are able to meter the refining period of the provolone according to the requirements of the producer; we are therefore able to meets the demands of the producers who wish the flavour of the cheese to develop in a short length of time (two/three months) and those who would like the maturing process to take longer, for example with large size cheeses, by merely working on the various qualities of the raw material
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Rennet Paste   Astro traditional kid
    Astro traditional lamb
    Astro cleaned kid (soluble)
    Astro cleaned lamb (soluble)
    Standard mild (soluble)
    Standard lamb (soluble)
    Standard kid (soluble)
  Liquid and powder   Calf liquid and calf powder - Cattle liquid
    Microbial in powder or liquid
Others...   Salts for ricotta
    Salts for mozzarella liquid
    Kid lamb and calf lipase
    Anti-mould and surface treatments
    Lactic acid
    Citric acid
    Granulated lysozyme
    Colorants and de-colorants
    Ribbon and string for wrapping up provolone
    Liquid smoke
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