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The Calza Company was created in Acquanegra Cremonese in 1932 by Clemente Calza who, after gaining experience managing various dairies in the Polenghi-Lombardia area, began producing rennet and selling cheeses. In 1970 his son Danilo took over, and, giving up the cheese-selling side of the business, devoted himself exclusively to the production of rennet paste. The Calza company thus grew in one area, the Po plain, which, thanks to the extremely high quality of the milk and to the traditions of producing "white paste" Provolone during the winter months and Grana Padano during the rest of the year, it is considered the home of the best Italian cheeses.

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Up until the first half of the twentieth century and beyond rennet paste was considered a product of secondary importance when it came to producing a fine cheese. There were therefore not many checks from either a hygiene or quality point of view. The exception was the Auricchio company which based the quality of its products on rennet which was obtained from the best "caglioli" (a slang term for the stomach of milk kid goats which constituted the raw material used in the production of rennet) and by producing the famous "special rennet" which it regarded as its "secret" in the production of their Provolone, and on the quality of which it has founded its famous dairy industry.

In these footsteps walked Danilo who, aiming always to produce high-quality rennet, in time led the Calza Clemente Company to be the leading company the field of rennet paste production in Europe. Today the greatest producers of Provolone cheese are the clients of the Calza Clemente Company.

In 1996 it became a Limited Company and in 2000, it upgraded its production facility and moved to a new site where all the hygiene regulations could be seen to be in place and where on year later the quality certification was obtained.

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Today the Calza Company produces and sells a complete range of products for the milk and dairy industry. In particular where its rennet is concerned it can supply the client information tracing the raw material used in each batch produced right back to the abattoir where the animals are checked and proclaimed healthy both before and after slaughter.

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